The EOS Process™

We have a proven process that when followed allows us to guarantee you get value. It starts with a free 90 Minute Meeting where you’ll learn everything you need to know to answer the question, “Is EOS right for me?”

If you liked what you heard in the 90-Minute Meeting, the next step in the process is a full day together called the Focus Day™. You’ll be introduced to the five Focus Day tools – Hitting the Ceiling, the Accountability Chart, Rocks, L10 Meeting Agenda™ and the Scorecard.

The next step in the process is two vision building days that work like this. 30 days after the Focus Day, is Vision Building 1. We’ll review the Focus Day tools and start answering the 8 Questions on your VTO™. 30 days later we’ll meet again for Vision Building 2, where we’ll review the Focus Day tools again and answer the remaining questions on your VTO. At the end of VB2, you will have met for 3 days over a 60 day period and will have mastered the Focus Day tools and be 100% aligned on your company’s vision and plan to achieve it.

After that, we launch into the execution phase of the journey, where you’ll establish a 90 Day World™ in your organization, starting to learn what it feels like to experience traction in your business


What to Expect At Each Stage


The 90-minute Meeting

A free, interactive workshop with your leadership team to get introduced to the EOS Model™, the Six Key Components of your business and the tools and disciplines we will teach you to strengthen each component on a journey to get to 100% strong in each component.


Focus Day

A full day session, with your leadership team, where you’ll dive in and start working on three things we call Vision, Traction and Healthy.  Vision is about getting you all 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how you plan to get there.  Traction is where you instill discipline and accountability in your organization, so that everywhere you look, in every department and every level, you see people generating traction towards your vision.  And Healthy is where we help you become a cohesive, functional and healthy team that plays well together to achieve a common vision.


Two-Day Vision Building

This is where you work towards mastering the five Focus Day™ tools and come together, 100% aligned on your company’s vision and plan to achieve it.  After VB2 you will have clear accountability, priorities, established a regular meeting cadence, be operating with a scorecard to give you an absolute pulse on your business and will have a clear vision and plan to achieve it.


Quarterly Pulsing

This is the execution phase of your journey, where you’ll be working towards mastery of EOS, strengthening the Six Key Components of your business and executing on your vision in a 90 Day World.  It’s at this stage that you will start to roll-out EOS to the rest of your organization and learn additional tools from the EOS toolbox such as, How to be a Great Boss, the 8 Cash Flow Drivers™, The 3 Step Process Documenter™, etc.

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