EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. By mastering this simple way of operating, leadership teams of growth-oriented companies systematically and permanently improve.

You’ll immediately start to change and grow as an organization and getting value by way of simple structure, clear priorities, more focus and will start to come together as a healthier team. However, real, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. Expect two years on average to master the tools and have EOS implemented at every level of your organization.

There is no requirement for company size in order to Implement EOS. All that is required is that you are open to changing the way you’re currently operating in order to change your results. With that said, we’ve had tremendous success with companies that range from 10 – 250 employees. Our clients are typically privately held, entrepreneurial companies where the leadership team wants to grow and is more afraid of the status quo than of change.

Nothing is required to get started except a desire to make a change and a willingness to learn something new! All you need to do is call for a brief introductory discussion to determine mutual fit. Give Philip a call today!

Please call for a brief discussion to determine mutual fit and pricing. You should expect considerable ROI in business results and a transformation in your life and the lives of your teams and their families.

Thousands of entrepreneurial companies around the world in a wide range of industries are running on The Entrepreneurial Operating System®. As of the end of end of 2019, over 7,500 companies all over the world have worked with a Professional Implementer to implement EOS and get what they want from their business. That’s 54,000 full day sessions since EOS first launched! Their owners and leaders are getting more of what they want from the business because they are dedicated to their own success. If your company is full of people exchanging a product or service for money, is involved in growing customer satisfaction and is focused on using cash and assets to turn a profit, EOS will work for you.

The right time to implement EOS is when you’re ready to make a change, frustrated by past results, frustrated by your people, struggling to generate profits, or simply just struggling to find the time and feeling overwhelmed. We have helped businesses during many different periods of their development. Whether your business is looking to revisit old processes, jumpstart a new division, or usher in new leadership, EOS can help clarify the path forward and install best practices into every aspect of business planning and strategy.

EOS can only work if the business owner embraces it and is ready to make a change. As goes the leader so goes the rest of the organization. Your people will do what you do, not what you say. If you lead by example, they will follow but if you’re not committed to it, then it is likely to fail.

An open mind and commitment to your own success. The understanding that the system you’re using today is perfectly designed to give you the results you’re currently getting. If you want different results, you need a different system.

As a Professional EOS Implementer, I’m a Teacher, Facilitator and Business Coach. What I mean by business coach is that I’m an advocate, guide and teacher, helping entrepreneurs generate enthusiasm, open new possibilities and create better ways forward. I do this because there is joy in helping entrepreneurs transform their businesses and their lives. What you can expect from me – I’ll share my playbook, empower you so that you can adopt new systems and new ways of thinking and ultimately graduate from working with me. In other words, I won’t dig myself down into your business. What I’m not is a consultant. Instead of answering questions for you, I help you answer your own questions, cultivating the collective wisdom of your leadership team and cultivating independence.

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