Philip Pfeifer

Entrepreneur, Team Builder, Certified EOS Implementer™️

I’m a fifth generation entrepreneur and have been helping entrepreneurs succeed for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve started 3 companies, successfully sold one to a large national organization, hired and led over a hundred employees, and generated over $50M in revenues.

The common thread through it all is passion and talent for coaching and team building. What makes me unique? I love helping entrepreneurs create high performing teams and elevate their leadership abilities. I do this because there is joy in helping others transform.

I love sharing my playbook and empowering others to adopt new systems and new ways of thinking. I teach tools and systems to create independence so you don’t have to rely on me or become dependent upon me. I empower entrepreneurs, my clients graduate at some point, and we celebrate that growth.



    I teach systems and tools to create new ways of thinking and new habits. I love help people think differently about their problems and decisions. I do this because I love to empower people. I’m always eager to share my playbook and secrets in order to elevate others.


    I encourage people through my joy, optimism and faith. I do this because I love people and believe there is inherent goodness in almost everyone. I see promise in people – I see their strengths and capabilities and get them to see those things too.


    I love to bring people together to celebrate the power of groups and the multiplier effect of people connecting for a greater good.  I do this because I believe that a goodness permeates the universe and that we are all part of the same system, connected but separate.  There is energy and purpose in teams.


    I help clients explore possibilities to create options, new ideas and find new paths forward. I do this because I am optimistic and believe that there is always a way forward. Transformation starts with new mindsets and new choices and is therefore always only one step away.

“Somewhere along the journey, every entrepreneur eventually comes across his or her biggest obstacle, which is not some external dragon to be slayed, but is an inner demon – a limiting belief that if overcome can transform their future. I hope to be a guide for all of my clients as they manage through this turbulence.”

– Philip Pfeifer

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