How Vision Creates Inspired Teams

Vision is inspiring to others. Great leaders have great vision but you don’t have to be an A-type personality, extrovert, or jock in order to inspire your team. As Jim Collins writes in “Good to Great”, “you don’t need giant personalities to transform companies”.

A more fundamental and powerful way to inspire and lead is by having a well articulated vision and living it. A vision that people buy into will help create an inspired and dedicated team. That’s because people crave meaning and want to know the role they play in the group.

I covered how to create a vision statement in a previous article – Creating Powerful Vision in 5 Simple Steps.  Having a well articulated vision helps form inspired, cohesive and productive teams.  Here’s how:  

Three Ways Vision Creates Inspired Teams:    

# 1 – Improved Employee Engagement and Productivity

A well-articulated vision gives people a mission and injects meaning into their careers.  It improves motivation and increases productivity.  As Daniel Pink points out in his book “Drive”, a sense of purpose is one of the three key drivers of motivation and employee retention.  

Nick Saban, Head Coach for the Alabama Crimson Tide, says “You have to define what the expectation is on everyone in your organization”.  Relatedly, he encourages leaders to set goals that you can control, such as effort.  Focusing on results that aren’t in your control can distract the team.  

Pro Tip: Make sure everyone in your company understands the importance of their contribution to the mission.  

#2 – Unifying Culture

Vision increases morale and cohesion.  This is because it provides a unifying force under which a dispersed and diversified team can come together with shared purpose. It also provides a useful litmus test to help screen new employees.  Find people that believe in your vision and want to contribute to the mission. 

Pro Tip: Ask candidates why they want to work with you and listen for knowledge of and passion in your vision.    

#3 – Momentum & Endurance

Progress towards a mission builds momentum and momentum is a powerful force.  Create and harness that and you can overcome the troughs and challenges that come with everyday battles.  A poor month or other setback can be put into context; progress overall recorded.  

Pro Tip: Ensure tactical projects and initiatives are clearly aligned with your core mission.  

In Summary

There’s a misconception that great leaders have to be A-type personalities and extroverts, when in fact people are inspired by great vision and the sense of purpose that comes from being part of a team with a shared mission.  Providing this can inject your team with energy in the moment and fuel for the long haul.    

Let me know what’s working, and not working, for you or if you have any questions.  And thanks for reading.   

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  1. Another great post, Philip. High-performance team leaders stay on message, they constantly communicate and keep people focused on the vision and mission to accomplish. It’s easy for anyone to get distracted or miss a turn. Shiny objects are all around us and sometimes team members get diverted from their mission. High-performance team leaders keep people informed, up-to-date and on track.


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